Friday, July 19, 2013

First Offensive Play Prediction

elk4me asks:
OK there Ducks fans......I have a little something here for you all to prognosticate. What will the first offensive play of the 2013-2014 season be RUN    or    PASS?? and second  To who?

pacers121: Outside run by Marshall. to the left.
FergtheMighty: Byron Marshall inside zone run.
Glenn_H: Byron Marshall run, left of center, cut left past scrimmage, then hit north for 7 yards.
elk4meNo Decision, but going to DAT.
Version_XO: Hey diddle diddle, M&M up the middle
rob____1: Draw play up the middle..... but who?
PinballDUCKshort pass over the middle to the tight end Lyerla for a smash mouth start.
bwenamai: bubble screen Josh Huff

More predictions will be added.  Comment or visit me on the 250 or 360 to leave your prediction.

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  1. bubble screen, and yes I know Kelly is gone