Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Unwelcomed Invasion?

     We've invaded and conquered Fox Sports.  The number of fans that lived there before we arrived from ESPN were few.  From what I gather, topics were slow moving and usually about football.  Our ESPN flock was more about building friendships with the common love of Duck football, so we talk about anything and everything.  Imagine you were a Fox Sports native, and all of the sudden a mass of people show up talking about some dude named Sanctions and how pathetic USC is?  Or these new people talk about what's for dinner, the number of beers consumed this evening, and start throwing up random youtube videos of musical performances.  It would be quite a shock.  I get the feeling that the deep culture we bring is unwelcome by a few of the natives.

     So I ask, what should we do, if anything, to avoid pissing off the natives?  Do we just say the hell with it, and take over the place like we have been?  Surely there are only a few pissed of natives, so who cares what they think, right?  Or do we look for another place to call our own?  I suggest some other options and ask for your opinion.


    Up the team page is a schedule of teams the Ducks will play.  Below each game is a link to the specific Gametrax page, where fans can interact with opponent fans, much like the game 140s we are accustomed to at ESPN.  Right now, there are just 53 comments on that Gametrax discussion board.  The nice thing about that place is that there is less visual noise around the page, and if you switch to classic view, you get a wider version of the conversation area.  The downside to this is that there is no direct link to the actual Discussion area, so bookmarking the Gametrax page requires an extra click on the Discussion tab.  This makes that area cumbersome to find, and I'm guessing the vast majority of our community will likely prefer to gather at the team page unless we make it a point to everybody that we can all be found at Gametrax.  This would require a massive movement by our ESPN community.

Duck Dungeon

    Let's face it.  Fox Sports has several bugs to work out.  Links don't usually work like they should and you can never be too sure if what you post is seen by everybody, even regular text posts.  The Duck Dungeon is located here at my blog.  It uses Livefyre just like FoxSports, but it works like it should.  Want to post a youtube video?  Just post the link and it shows up for everybody.  Most images posted will show up too, but if the image doesn't embed in the chat, it will at least show up as a link.  The Dungeon also has a wider area to chat and no ads running all over the page.  Any topic is welcomed.  If a troll should ever show up, the mods or I will take care of the problem.  Basically, I've set it up so it works like it should.  So far, so good.

    The downside with the Dungeon is that I've got it sort of hidden away.  It's difficult to get a room full of people at this time, but hopefully the popularity will grow this season.  Basically it's a secret club, and if you want to go there, you'll have to look around for clues on this page or ask somebody where to find it.  There is also no way to look up schedules or stats or converse with opponents at my site.  I didn't intend it to be the primary gathering for all Duck fans, but I offer it as place to feel free to talk about anything you want in a troll-free environment.

    So what do you think?  Just ignore the natives and let them get used to our amazing culture? or should we look for other places to hangout and let them cover one football topic per day, where a full month of topics is visible on one screen, as they did before?  Comment below or in the Dungeon.