Friday, April 17, 2015

Mariota will be Drafted ahead of Winston

You watched the Florida State games last season.  It was hard to ignore.  Each week you tuned into the Florida State game, at least the last quarter, to witness another undefeated team go down in flames.  Time and time again, the opponent would have the lead, sometimes a comfortable lead, but they would suddenly switch gears and play soft defense.  We like to call it prevent defense in the Dungeon.  That's when Jameis Winston seemed to come alive and tear up the soft defenses.  That was not the case for the first half of games.  Winston threw the ball to the wrong team 13 times in the first halves in 2014.  13!  Jameis Winston ended up tying for the second-most interceptions thrown in the FBS.  That was against mostly ACC teams.  How many picks will he throw in the NFL?  If you don't want to have to come-from-behind each week, hit your target.

Marcus Mariota, on the other hand, did not have many opportunities to lead his team to a 4th quarter victory.  Mariota was too busy completing passes and scoring touchdowns throughout the entire game.  The Flyin Hawaiian threw only 4 interceptions the ENTIRE SEASON.  Winston threw that many in one game.  The stats don't lie.  Thanks to, you can see that Mariota dominated Winston in QBR in every quarter, even the 4th when Winston was considered at his best.  It is no wonder why Mariota won the Heisman with near-record votes, while Winston was not even invited to the front row in New York.

Obviously, Marcus Mariota is the better choice statistically.  Mariota also proved he was better physically in the 2014 NFL Combine.  Winston could have benefited with another year in the college ranks and also could have worked on his maturity issues that became a distraction during the 2014 season.  These two quarterbacks have completely different leadership styles.  Winston is involved with his players and can fire them up with a heart-felt speech.  Mariota leads by example and dependability, which is contagious and spreads beyond goodness and success on the football field.  If you are looking to build your team around a quarterback, you are going to want a guy with his head on straight and a guy that will inspire others to improve in every aspect of life.  Mariota will be drafted ahead of Winston, unless Tampa Bay is completely insane to pass up on Mariota, which judging by their recent lack of success, they just might be.  Does Tampa Bay want the complete package?  or do they want to set a new NFL record for interceptions thrown?