Saturday, December 12, 2015

2015 Bowl Score Prediction Challenge

    Win $100 in's first Bowl Score Prediction Challenge.  You might need to write down your scores beforehand on a sheet of paper, because there are 80 teams playing in FBS college football bowl games this year and 41 games to predict.  Finish with the fewest points, and win the cash.

    The scoring will be a little different than the past seasonal scoring method.  As always, the fewer points the better you are off.  The BSP Challenge will subtract points for choosing the correct winning team.

An example of the old method:
Predict the score between the Tigers and the Owls:
John picks Tigers to win 35-18
Terry picks the Owls to win 40 - 29
The final score is Tigers 33, Owls 30.
John is off by 2 on the Tigers and 12 on the owls, for a total of 14 points.
Terry is off by the Tigers by 4 points and Owls by 10 points for a total of 14 points.
Both John and Terry would have finished in a tie, even though Terry picked the wrong team to win.

    THE BSP Challenge will take the scores above and subtract 10 points for participants that correctly pick the winning team.  John would have 14-10 = 4 points as his result for the game, while Terry would have 14 points for the game.  Since the object of the challenge is to finish with the least amount of points, John would be better off than Terry in the Tigers vs Owls matchup.  75 points will be given to any matchup left blank in the prediction form at kickoff, even if only 1 of the teams is left blank.  The maximum score a participant can get for a really bad prediction is capped at 75 points.

   Feel free to fill out the prediction form all at once, or fill it out a few games at a time.  This form will take a while for you to fill out all 41 games.  Make sure that you at least have scores in for specific games before kickoff of that bowl game.  Your new or updated scores will show up initially at the bottom of the prediction tracker page, but Glenn will move those scores into your initial row eventually as his free time permits.

   Good luck!

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