Thursday, December 24, 2015

Week 2A Bowl Results

    Twelve games down, twenty-nine to go.  6bcs takes over the lead correctly picking five winners out of seven.  The entire field whiffed it on Akron vs Utah State and Bowling Green vs Georgia Southern.  The latest three games were rough score pickings as many of our participants were off by several touchdowns.
    Best picks:
        Miami Beach Bowl:  Glenn- USF 35 WKU 39 (actual USF 35 WKU 45)
        Famous Idaho Potato Bowl:  NW-Prophet- Akron 24 Utah State 28 (actual Akron 23 Utah State 21)
        Marmot Boca Raton Bowl:  Azgael- Temple 21 Toledo 28 (actual Temple 17 Toledo 32)
        SDCCU Poinsettia Bowl:  bwenamai- Boise State 55 Northern Illinois 35 (actual BSU 55 NIU 7)
        GoDaddy Bowl:  fifty 8- Bowling Green 42 Georgia Southern 37 (actual BG 27 GS 58)
        Popeyes Bahamas Bowl:  wallowacountyduck- Midd Tennessee 31 Western Michigan 49 (actual MT 31 WM 45)
        Hawai'i Bowl:  Azgael- Cincinnati 24 San Diego State 34 (actual Cincinnati 7 SDS 42)

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