Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Star Wars Films Ranked by Oregon Helmets

Oregon Helmets Star Wars Rankings

Like Oregon helmets, Star Wars has had some greats and not-so-greats through the years.

Episode I-  The Phantom Menace was the worst Star Wars film and is awarded Oregon's ugliest helmet of all time, the Vegas Bowl Dome.

Episode II-  Attack of the Clones was another terrible film and gets the Bubble Gum Breast Cancer Helmet award.

Episode III- Yet another terrible Star Wars Film.  2015 was the year of ugly Oregon helmets.  There were a lot of potential choices here.  None were quite as bad as the Vegas Bowl Dome or the Bubble Gum Top, but it's easy to see why the Duck is so angry on the 2015 Angry Duck Glitter Topper.  Congratulations Revenge of the Sith.

Episode IV - A New Hope.  This is a film that would become a movie juggernaut.  It's the way Star Wars should look and feel, and Oregon found that revolutionary look and feel with the help of HydroGraphics with the winged Chrome Helmet.  You can go blind from the glare of the reflection of the Death Star blowing up.

Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back is arguably the best Star Wars film made to date.  Keeping with the winged design, fans of Oregon love the inclusion of team color yellow to the winged-helmet family.

Episode VI - Return of the Jedi may not have been as great as the previous two films, but it's still cool and way better than episodes 1, 2, and 3.  It looks and feels like Star Wars, so it will get the winged design as well.  Most any of the other winged helmets could have fit here, but got to go with some Storm Trooper love on this.

Episode VII - The Force Awakens is meant to erase the catastrophe of the prequels.  It is meant to go back to the roots and please angered Star Wars fans.  Although it's not a winged helmet, the modernized throwback helmet of Oregon is a crowd pleaser, meant to pay tribute to the past.  The Force Awakens may have not been the most inventive of stories, but it reestablishes an old look and feel that fans can't stop raving about.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Week 2B Bowl Results

    Only one member beat the wisdom of the crowd score of 99.3 Saturday, which was Glenn at 77.  He jumps up 2 spots after today's games.

Wisdom of the Crowd

6bcs still leads for the $100 prize for the 2015 College Football Bowl Score Prediction Challenge.
  Best picks:
        St. Petersburg Bowl:  Glenn- Marshall 21 Connecticut 15 (actual MAR 16 UConn 10)
        Hyundai Sun Bowl:  tjasv- Miami(FL) 20 Washington State 21 (actual Miami 14 WSU 20)
        Zaxby's Heart of Dallas Bowl:  wallowacountyduck- Southern Miss 24 Washington 42 (actual SM 31 UW 44)
        New Era Pinstripe Bowl:  bwenamai- Duke 43 Indiana 35 (actual Duke 44 Indiana 41)
        Camping World Independence Bowl:  bwenamai- Tulsa 35 Virginia Tech 48 (actual Tulsa 52 VT 55)
        Foster Farms Bowl:  Krsmqn- Nebraska 33 UCLA 34 (actual NEB 35 UCLA 29)

College Football Bowl Results 2B

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Week 2A Bowl Results

    Twelve games down, twenty-nine to go.  6bcs takes over the lead correctly picking five winners out of seven.  The entire field whiffed it on Akron vs Utah State and Bowling Green vs Georgia Southern.  The latest three games were rough score pickings as many of our participants were off by several touchdowns.
    Best picks:
        Miami Beach Bowl:  Glenn- USF 35 WKU 39 (actual USF 35 WKU 45)
        Famous Idaho Potato Bowl:  NW-Prophet- Akron 24 Utah State 28 (actual Akron 23 Utah State 21)
        Marmot Boca Raton Bowl:  Azgael- Temple 21 Toledo 28 (actual Temple 17 Toledo 32)
        SDCCU Poinsettia Bowl:  bwenamai- Boise State 55 Northern Illinois 35 (actual BSU 55 NIU 7)
        GoDaddy Bowl:  fifty 8- Bowling Green 42 Georgia Southern 37 (actual BG 27 GS 58)
        Popeyes Bahamas Bowl:  wallowacountyduck- Midd Tennessee 31 Western Michigan 49 (actual MT 31 WM 45)
        Hawai'i Bowl:  Azgael- Cincinnati 24 San Diego State 34 (actual Cincinnati 7 SDS 42)

College Football Bowl Results 3

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week 1 Bowl Results

    Week 1 of the 2015 college football season has come to the end and it comes as no surprise to see a familiar name at the top of the list.  NittanyLion claims the lead after correctly picking the winners in all 5 bowl games.  The field got off to a great start the first three games with 9 participants picking all of the winners of the first 3 games, but the Georgia State vs San Jose State and Arkansas State vs Louisiana Tech games blemished 8 of the participants perfect records.
    Best picks:
        Gildan New Mexico Bowl:    Glenn-    Arizona 37 New Mexico 30 (actual AZ 45, NM 37)
        Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl:   AzGael-    BYU 21 Utah 35 (actual BYU 28, Utah 35)
        Raycom Media Camelia Bowl:     6bcs, skibrib, rob___1, tjasv (all missed by only 6 + picked winner)
        AutoNation Cure Bowl:    tjasv-    Georgia State 13 San Jose State 20 (actual GSU 16, SJS 27)
        R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl:    NW-Prophet-    Arkansas State 35 Louisiana Tech 42 (actual AS 28, LT 47)

There are still 36 games left to play.  Who will win the $100?

College Football Bowl Results 2